Green tea is gaining all popularity all over the world, what better if you can have organic and herbal teas in your store; it boosts your immunity, helps in sheading some excess inches, and helps in recovering from cold and flu. Masala Teas adds organic herbs and spices to it, the antioxidants helps in increasing your metabolism and saying bye bye to your health problems. Also these teas comes in different flavours and packaging.

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Pure Nutrition Camomile Lemon Grass Tea - 20 Tea Bags

Helps you improve digestion * Helps you get through jet lags * Helps you fight insomnia, stress and headache *
₹ 999.00

Pure Nutrition Deep Sleep Infusion Tea - 20 Tea Bags

Reduces stress levels * Helps you get a sound sleep * Anti-oxidants *
₹ 999.00

Pure Nutrition Indian Dream Tea - 20 Tea Bags

Maintains your gums hygienic * Acts as anti-oxidant * Lowers cholesterol *
₹ 999.00

Pure Nutrition Papaya Infusion Tea - 20 Tea Bags

Cancer Preventing Properties * Helps in improving and boosting your immunity * Anti-oxidation properties *
₹ 999.00

Pure Nutrition Rooibos Tea - 20 Tea Bags

Anti-oxidants * Improves immunity * Good for headache, insomnia and allergies *
₹ 999.00

Pure Nutrition Rooibos Vanilla Tea - 20 Tea Bags

Improves immunity * Full of anti-oxidants * Helps relieving headaches, insomnia, eczema and allergies *
₹ 999.00