We offer a range of traditional and unique breakfast cereals, including gluten free and vegan friendly cereals which boast high quality foods that are healthy and natural. Cereals are enriched with proteins, vitamins and other nutrients which are very essential for your body. Having an organic cereal thus saves you from bad cholesterol and bad fat. Even diabetic patients can consume our breakfast cereals and for weight watchers too. Breakfast cereals gives you proper fibre thus helping in reducing your weight.

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* Super Grain as it is Gluten Free *Rich in Fiber and Protein *Packed with natural proteins, Cleaned and Hygienically Packed.
₹ 110.00


*Machine cleaned and handpicked, *Purity and hygiene, which is sweeter, healthier, tastier.
₹ 120.00

Pearl Barley

* Ggood source of molybdenum, manganese, dietary fiber, and selenium, *Processed, Cleaned and Hygienically Packed.
₹ 55.00


* Quinoa is a pseudocereal *Gluten Free very rich in protein *abundant in minerals *high in dietary fiber
₹ 225.00

Whole Wheat Grain

* Packed with nutrients, *Reduce the risk of heart disease
₹ 275.00