About us

ClikGreen is a consumer initiative by Natureland Group, its an online marketplace for unique products that support Sustainability or Ayurvedic in nature or Organic and Natural. 

ClikGreen is a social enterprise which believes that Access to Healthy Food and Healthy Lifestyle is right of Every Individual, We are gateway to safe and natural organically grown food, clothes, cosmetics and other essentials which are grown, processed and manufactured without the cocktail of toxic chemicals and pesticides while recognising and supporting farmers/ processors and manufactures who grow, process and manufacture these products. We work with a vision of Healthy Soil, Healthy Food, Healthy Lifestyle and Healthy Environment. 

ClikGreen is conceptualised as a solution for people who are looking for ways to reduce the chemical content in their lives and believe in philosophy of living healthy and being environmentally as well as socially conscious. 

All products on our site have been personally tested by our quality team to ensure that we get you the best products. Our endeavour with our product selection has been to get new products from like minded entrepreneurs, agripreneurs who are working towards making world greener and healthier. 

Our unique portfolio ranges from organic food products, ayurvedic products, parabens, chemical free herbal cosmetics, recycled eco friendly home décor items, organic clothing, ecofriendly toys, fitness essentials and handcrafted items as well as other life essentials. we showcase carefully curated products, which are not widely available and very unique in nature. 

We are certified under Indian (NPOP), American (NOP) and European Organic Food Standards. 

Natureland Organic Foods Pvt. Ltd. is ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005 (FSMS Food Safety), HACCP (Machine Safety) and GMP (Packing) certified. We are also licensed by FSSAI & also to Import & Export by Director General of Foreign Trade, Government of India. We are a proud member of APEDA, Government of India.